Mahmood Lab
AI for Pathology Image Analysis

Mahmood Lab aims to utilize machine learning, data fusion, and medical image analysis to develop streamlined workflows for objective diagnosis, prognosis, and biomarker discovery. We are interested in developing automated and objective mechanisms for reducing interobserver and intraobserver variability in cancer diagnosis using artificial intelligence as an assistive tool for pathologists. The lab also focuses on the development of new algorithms and methods to identify clinically relevant morphologic phenotypes and biomarkers associated with response to specific therapeutic agents. We develop multimodal fusion algorithms for combining information from multiple imaging modalities, familial and patient histories and multi-omics data to make more precise diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic determinations. We are affiliated with the Harvard Data Science Initiative; the Harvard Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics (BIG) program; the Cancer Data Science Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

🏢8002-K, HBTM, 60 Fenwood Rd., Boston, MA 02115

Administrative Assistant
Tarissa A. Mages tarnoldmages<at>bwh.harvard.edu 617-525-8953

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Hear about our work – Invited Talks

Upcoming Invited Talks:  07/21/21 IEEE EMBS Seminar Series ; 07/23/21 AstraZeneca Pathology Grand Rounds ; 07/27/21 ISCB ISMB 2021 ; 08/05/21 DPA Webinar Series ; 08/29/21 European Pathology Congress ; 09/13/21 Northshore Pathology Grand Rounds ; 09/22/21 CMU-Pitt ML in Medicine Seminar Series ; 09/26/21 World CUP Awareness Week ; 09/27/21 MICCAI COMPAY Workshop ; 10/4/21 U of Houston EECS Seminar Series ; 10/13/21 Global Conference on Regulatory Science ; 10/22/21 Duke Pathology Grand Rounds ; 11/8/21 Case AI in Oncology Symposium; 11/10/21 The Economist 7th Annual World Cancer Series11/15/21 Warwick TIA Seminar Series. 11/17/21 MGH Pathology Grand Rounds ; 2/17/22 ML4H Broad Institute ; 2/18/22 MD Anderson Pathology Grand Rounds ; 2/20/22 SPIE Medical Imaging (Digital Pathology Keynote) ; 4/2/22 ASIP Experimental Biology Conference ; 4/3/22 Roche Tucson Symposium 2022 ; 4/24/22 OSA Biophotonics Congress ; 5/9/22 Pathology Informatics Summit ; 5/24/22 SLAS Europe ; 8/25/22 ASCO Breakthrough Meeting

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